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Tree Cabling and Bolting

Bracing by bolting or cabling involves the installation of either steel cables or synthetic rope systems or steel rods and bolts into the crown of your tree. These cables are permanently installed between major limbs that have been identified by A Better Arborist® tree doctors as potentially weak. The bolting or cabling system, or combination thereof, is designed to help support and strengthen the poor branch unions. The added structural support provided by cables and bolts can help reduce potential damage from high winds and ice simply by adding support.

Bolting involves drilling through the crotch of the tree that has been identified as weak, and installing a metal rod with nuts and washers on each end. This process is used in conjunction with cable installation. Trees that are leaning severely can be helped by using ground anchors and cabling.

While it sounds like a simple process, a great deal of technical expertise and experience is needed to protect the longevity of your tree and the safety of those around it. Dallas tree surgeons at A Better Arborist® are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of cabling, bolting, and bracing.

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