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Ultra sharp, reliable files with long lasting performance
$1.25 per file, Minimum order 1 dozen.

8 X 13/64″ 5.2 mm Item # 637-3051

8 X 5/32″ 4.0 mm Item # 637-3021

Samson Aborplex 1/2″ 600′ 12 Strand Tree Rope uron™ II polyester – twice as strong as manilla – for more durability, and firm “nubby” surface for good grip. Stays flexible, throws well, good knot holding. Resists chemicals and UV, will not mildew Item #:  346032006030, 40 lbs.

Samson Aborplex 1/2″ 120′ 12 Strand Tree Rope 
$102.00 in bag. For climbing: A light weight high strength 12 strand climbing line.Tough polyester jacket fibers surround polyolefin center fibers to maximize resistance to wear and fiber fusing. For Rigging: The workhorse of the industry. 12 strand polyester/polyolefin construction. The best known, most widely used rigging line in the industry.Item # 346032001260

A premium double braid, light weight climbing line available in two colors.  Velocity Cool and the new high visibility Velocity Hot.  Samson’s proprietary Sure Grip technology gives Velocity a fully broken in feel when it’s new. Velocity Cool is green, blue and white, and Velocity Hot is orange, red, and white.

7/16 x 600′ reel, weight 33.6 lbs, 6000 average tensile strength, Item #: 349028006030

600′ Velocity Hot

600′ Velocity Cool

Item #: 349028001560

150′ Velocity Hot

150′ Velocity Cool

Item #: 349028001260

120′ Velocity Hot

120′ Velocity Cool

16″ replacement Gilmour Snapcut pole saw blades Item #20B

Commercial Saw Head w/ Blade. Cast Aluminum saw head. 16″ curved saw blade w/ nonstick coating. For use with 1-1/4″ diameter poles (model # 102 and 103). Item # G20. 6 per box ($25 per unit)

Samson Aborplex 1/2″ 150′ 12 Strand Tree Rope 
$122.00 in bag

  • Excellent wear and snag resistance
  • Excllent knot holding ability
  • Works well when wet
  • Economical – good value

Item # 346032001560

11mm X 600′ New England Rope Fly 24 Strand, 6000 lb average tensile strength, $388.00 per reel
Item #: 12X600FLY

Double locking safety snaps with 5000 lb rating. Each snap has a safety latch to prevent accidental opening. Safety latch must be depressed before main latch can be opened.
Item # 1705

Fehr 1/4″ Wire Rope Clips for Cabling
Item # WRCG250 50 clips per box

Fehr Galvanized Aircraft Cable 7×19
Item # 2G9250 diameter 1/4″, type 7×19, breaking strength 7000 lbs., wt./1000 ft. 110 lbs.

5-3/8″ head pole adapter, non wood poly Item 3FG

Gilmour Snapcut Extension Pole-Single
6′ fiberglass head section pole 
1-1/4″ diameter 
For use with Model Nos. 102,103, or 3FG  Includes snap connectors-both ends for head poles and other extension poles Item # 103 

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