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Sick Tree Diagnosis

Professional consultation with a qualified specialist at A Better Arborist® could save your tree and protect your investment.

Your trees provide beauty and shade around your home. Properly placed, they can help reduce temperatures around your house and yard, and add curb appeal, true value, and pleasure to your property. Trees are strong in the broadest sense of the word, but they can be fragile when subjected to weather, wind, water, and the stresses of disease. Excessive water can weaken a tree dramatically as much as the drought and hot weather so common to the Dallas, Texas area.

Since unmanaged trees can become sick, grow weak, suddenly fall which might result in extensive damage or injury, and even die, it is a good idea to have professional consultation regarding the health and well being of your trees. After all, you have a lot of time, money, and energy invested in them and it is worth your time and a little expense to protect such valuable assets.

Professional consultation with a qualified specialist at A Better Arborist® could save your tree and protect your investment.

The Dallas tree surgeons and preservationists at A Better Arborist® have decades of experience and stand ready to assist you in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of common tree issues. Preservation of trees is the #1 priority of A Better Arborist®.

Dead Limbs and Branches

Dead and damaged branches and limbs present a risk of damage by uncontrolled falling, and injured or dead limbs are an open invitation (like a super highway) inviting decay and disease into the main body of the tree. Such terminal conditions for limbs and branches are unsightly, and of course, are a dead weight on the tree itself and may cause further damage to other branches or limbs on your tree.

Dead trees

In the spring, if you see a tree on your property that does not sprout leaves, you can be sure it is dead. Such trees should be cut and removed immediately, especially if its location and positioning can cause further damage or injury if it collapses and falls. Dead trees may also harbor disease and insects which could damage other trees on your estate or even on your neighbor’s property. Prompt removal of dead trees is advisable and the most common task performed by professional arborists.

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