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Better Arborist® offers a full multi-ton crane service for scheduled and emergency service. When you need fast precision crane service to clear roadways or for scheduled tree service, we are contractually staffed by full service professionals to provide all crane services for safe, efficient tree removal.

If your tree removal includes working around power poles and power lines, it may be necessary for A Better Arborist® to notify your electrical company depending on the situation. We also advise you to always assume that lines are live and that you should take every possible precaution to prevent striking, touching, or damaging the electrical lines. Your tree surgeon at A Better Arborist® will coordinate with all utility companies and permit requirements when and if required.

We will fully brief you, your family, and employees each day before work begins to be sure you are fully informed about our activities and to advise on safety precautions and regulations. The more everyone hears it, the less likely accidents will happen.

Dallas tree surgery by A Better Arborist® will post the necessary signs at the work site to warn and remind any passersby and workers of the work in progress.

Please call today to discuss your entire crane servicing needs.

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