Storm Damage

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This was a job A Better Arborist® did over a holiday weekend, when most other tree services were closed. This was a Red Oak tree that split and partially fell on top of the customer’s house. We removed the tree, hauled off the brush and logs, and grinded out the stump.

At right is a huge tree that blew over during a storm in Coppell,Texas. A Better Arborist® removed this large tree and hauled off all the logs and debris. This was a Red Oak that was around 150 years old and 65 feet tall that blew over and crashed into the customer’s roof, causing major leaks in the roof and did extensive damage to the house.

Limb Removal and Entire Tree Removal

This is another tree job that A Better Arborist® did over Memorial weekend in Lakewood. This was a large Red Oak that was cabled improperly by another service, which caused a large limb to crack and fall off onto the driveway.
A Better Arborist® suggested to the home owner to remove the entire tree, but they chose to only remove one large limb instead. Most homeowners tend to choose the cheapest route but sometimes it ends up costing them more in the long run. Two weeks later, we were called back to removed the entire tree because it cracked down the center and fell on the neighbor’s roof.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal

This is a large Cedar Elm tree that split and fell over a carport during a storm. A Better Arborist® removed the entire tree.

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